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Exegesis (/ˌɛksəˈsəs/; from the Greek ἐξήγησις from ἐξηγεῖσθαι 'to lead out') is a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, particularly a religious text.  A single commentary will generally attempt to give a coherent and unified view on the Bible as a whole, for example, from a Catholic or Reformed (Calvinist) perspective, or a commentary that focuses on textual criticism or historical criticism from a secular point of view. However, each volume will inevitably lean toward the personal emphasis of its author, and within any commentaries there may be great variety in the depth, accuracy, and critical or theological strength of each volume.

Reference Books

Bible Commentary

The New Jerome Biblical Commentary REF BS 491.2 N485 1990

The New Interpreter’s Bible, 12 vols. REF BS 491.2.N484 1994

Anchor Bible Commentary series  Main Stacks  BS192.2 .A1

Word Biblical Commentary Series: Main Stacks BS491.2.W67

Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching: Main Stacks BS 1235.3.B78


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias  - General and background information on a topic

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church REF BR 95 08 1974

The Encyclopedia of Religion REF BL 31 E46 1986

The Encyclopedia of American Religious History REF BL 2525.Q44 1996

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience REF BL 2525 E53 1988

The New Catholic Encyclopedia, 15 vols.  REF BX841 .N44 2003