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Logan Library


Information about the library's mission, policies, resources, and services.

Computers & Internet Access

Security policies

The University prevents networked computer users from installing software on library machines. Additionally, if the network cable is pulled from the outlet, the connection is instantly disabled. Only Schreiner University computers may be plugged into campus network connections.

  • Schreiner University staff, students, and faculty are provided with a login and password to access email and library resources.

  • Community patrons may use the designated computers. Passwords are posted on the machine for immediate use.

Responsible Computing Policy

To maintain membership, all networked users must act responsibly. Respect for intellectual property, for privacy of individuals and of data, for integrity of equipment, and a general recognition of the rights of others are all of central importance and will inform all network activity.

Locked Accounts/Computers

Three failed attempts to log into a library computer will result in a locked account that will become usable again in 30 minutes. For assistance, ask at the Library Services Desk. Library computers also time out when users forget to log off. These computers can be made usable again by restarting the computer with the power button.

Email Access

Email access is available to students and community patrons via the web only. Access to Schreiner University email is available via a link on the Schreiner One home page.

Wireless Internet Access

The campus wireless network (provided by Apogee) is available to the Schreiner University community. The library has a number of laptops available at the Library Services Desk for check out to Schreiner students.

Available Library Computers and Equipment

The Library has approximately sixty workstations with Internet access available for student and community use. 

Sun Porch Computer Testing and Instruction

Twenty-six (27) computers are located at the far end of the main part of the Library in an area referred to as the Sun Porch Electronic Classroom. 

  • When not scheduled for instruction, the Sun Porch computers are available for student use.

  • Instructors may call ext. 7312, email or stop by the Library Services Desk to reserve this space for testing or instruction.

  • Instructors may also request bibliographic or information literacy instruction sessions with a librarian when reserving this space.


Printing in black and white or color is available to all users via a login and password system.

  • Library printers are named the following: Logan Library_BW on IMPRIMATUR (black and white prints) and Logan Library Color on IMPRIMATUR (color prints). After a printer has been selected and the print request sent; the print jobs can be retrieved at the Self Service Print Station.

Cost for Printing

B&W Single Letter 8.5 X 11= $.06

B&W Double Letter 8.5 X 11= $.10

Color Single Letter 8.5 X 11= $.27

Color Double Letter 8.5 X 11= $.42

Schreiner University students are provided with printing accounts. The balance on these accounts is refreshed each semester. Additional funds may be added to student printing accounts at the Library Services Desk (cash only).

Community Patron Cost for Printing

B&W Single Letter 8.5 X 11= $.28

B&W Double Letter 8.5 X 11= $.40

Color Single Letter 8.5 X 11= $.35

Color Double Letter 8.5 X 11= $.46

Community patrons must use designated computers and pay for printouts at the Library Services Desk.