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Schreiner University Course Reserve Policy and Guidelines

Schreiner University Course Reserve Policy and Guidelines 

Schreiner University faculty are invited to place materials for their classes on reserve in the library.  The following guidelines have been established to assist all faculty members with the process. 

Reserve materials may include books owned by the library, books owned by the instructor, previous exams, photocopies of journal articles, and other various media (for example, videotapes, software, etc.). All copied materials must adhere to copyright guidelines for specific copyright compliance. Books or scanned articles/chapters from other libraries will not be accepted. 

Reserve materials are located at the Library Services Desk. Materials are filed under the name of the instructor who placed the material on reserve.  Instructors are expected to be sure that their students know the name(s) that the materials are listed under.  Students must present a valid Schreiner University identification card when accessing reserve material.  Lists of materials placed on reserve by instructors are available through the library catalog. From the library’s homepage, select Library Catalog, and then the Course Reserve tab. 

Materials should be placed on reserve before they are assigned to students.  Please allow a minimum of two working days for processing new reserves.  Reserve material is processed in the order that it is received and is not available for use until processing is completed. 

Instructors must complete a course reserve form each semester for materials placed on reserve for that semester.  The course reserve intake form is available online.

At the end of the academic year, all materials owned by the library will be returned to the library’s collection, and personal copies will be returned to the owning instructor. Instructors may also retrieve their material at the library. 


Books and Media 

Books and other media from the SU library collection or instructors’ personal copies may be placed on reserve for a course.  If personal copies of a book are to be placed on reserve, please understand that a barcode will be placed on the back cover.  If this is not acceptable, other arrangements may be made.

The library is not responsible for damage to personal copies. 

The placing of any materials on reserve must not take the place of the purchase of these same materials.  Therefore, workbooks and similar materials will NOT be accepted for reserve.  

Photocopied Materials and Copyright Compliance

Copyright Law (Title 17, US Code) governs the making of reproductions (including photocopies) of copyrighted materials. In accepting copies for reserve, Logan Library assumes all copies have been made in compliance with the “fair use” provisions of Section 107. All photocopies of copyrighted materials require a notice of copyright on the cover page, which states for example, Copyright 1998 New England Publishing Associates. The bibliographic citation for the chapter or article must also appear on the cover page. Photocopied materials may be used for reserve for up to ONE academic year ONLY unless the instructor has obtained permission from the copyright holder.