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Frequently Asked Questions

TEXTBOOK FAQ for Faculty 


Q. When do I adopt the textbooks for my course? 

Physical textbooks and digital resources are adopted the semester before the actual course begins. Textbooks for the summer and fall are adopted during the previous spring and textbooks for spring are adopted during the previous fall.  


Q. How do I adopt textbooks? 

You will need to use FAST, the online adoption tool. Go to and then enter your Schreiner email and a password (your password may need to be re-set). Then, select “Course Search” on the left navigation bar, and then enter your name to pull up a list of all your courses in the search bar. Select the course by clicking on it. Then, click on the “Add Adoption” button to enter the ISBN for the item you would like to select. Click “Save” to save your choices. It is very important that you select the exact ISBN of the resource that you need. There is a unique ISBN assigned to different editions and different formats (digital vs. analog). 


Q. Will I receive an Instructor/Desk Copy? 

For current instructors, you will need to indicate that you need an instructor copy of the textbook during the adoption process. Our eCampus partners will work with the publisher to try to obtain one and have it mailed to you directly. There is no guarantee that eCampus will be able to do this. It would be advisable to reach out to the publisher directly to make sure that they have a desk copy available to you.  

-If you are a new faculty member and are coming on board after the eCampus adoption deadline, you will need to contact the publisher directly.  

-If you have adopted a digital resource for your course, you will most likely have complimentary online access. Any resources that have been integrated in Canvas will have instructor access. Some publishers that provide access through the Digital Bookshelf (eCampus), will offer access or digital desk copy. If you have any questions about instructor access, contact us at 


Q. Can I adopt a workbook that students write in and do not need to return? 

The FAST textbook adoption tool will default to selecting used textbooks that can be returned at the end of the semester. However, if you need consumable materials such as workbooks, access codes and so forth, be sure to change that default used setting to new in FAST. By doing this, you will be sure to receive workbooks that have not already been written in.  


Q. What should I do if I am using Open Education Resources (OER) or other materials and do not need to order a textbook through eCampus? 

If you do NOT need a textbook for a course, please log in and indicate that in FAST as well, so we know that you are all set.  


Q. Does Schreiner provide textbooks for co-enrolled students? 

Co-enrolled students in your class need to purchase their own textbooks and/or digital access codes. These are not provided by Schreiner through the All-Access program. 


Q. When do students receive their textbooks? 

Most students will receive all their textbooks prior to classes beginning. However, if a course section was opened late, a student registers late, or a student adds a new class, there will be a delay in receiving the textbook while it is being sourced and then shipped to the library.