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"Everything that we think of as world history would not have taken place without the compass." TED science curator David Biello explains how the device changed our relationship to the world.

World History Resources

From an 1869 presentation of 933 volumes to the United States by the Emperor of China, the collections of the Asian Division have grown to represent one of the most comprehensive collections of Asian language materials in the world.

Resources by Time Period


  • Reformation Europe

    Information on Protestant & Catholic reformation, including conflicts and effects on women.

  • Reformation

    Part of the BELIEVE, Religious Information website, it gives a clearly written explanation of the causes and results of the Reformation.

  • BBC History: Tudors

    BBC site that has good information on the Tudors in Britain including Henry VIII and the reformation.


Political history, social history, religion, philosophy, literature, and more on Victorian times. Includes links to related sites.