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Resources for Marketing majors/minors


Getting Started in Marketing

The basic building blocks of marketing are the 4 P's. These are the things that can be tailored to match values and interests of specific buyers. So these are factors that you may want to investigate in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

PRODUCT   Elements of the product range from its physical properties (e.g. durable, colorful, contemporary-looking) to a mental image (e.g. safe, trendy, ecologically responsible).

PRICE  This includes psychological "costs" such as inconvenience in addition to the actual purchase price.

PROMOTION   Most people think first of paid advertising but other forms of promotion such as coupons, free samples, or hiring actors to stir up some buzz before a product launch can also be effective ways to get the target customer's attention.

PLACE/DISTRIBUTION   This notion encompasses anything about where buyers get the product from point of access (big box stores, Internet, catalog sales, etc.) to the level of training and expertise sales people possess.

Marketing Databases

General Resources

  • American Marketing Association
    Marketing and advertising articles, research and tips at the AMA's Resource Library.
  • Marketing Profs  Icon
    Blog provides marketing news, opinion and commentary from a roster of marketing professors.
  • Marketing Sherpa Blog  Icon
    Blog using case studies, surveys, and other techniques, Marketing Sherpa researches what works – and what doesn’t – in all things marketing.
  • Seth Godin's Blog  Icon
    One of the most popular blogs on the internet. Seth discusses marketing and the way ideas spread.