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Resources for Marketing majors/minors

Consumers and Psychographics

You can think of demographics as providing information about who your consumers are, and psychographics providing the why they purchase things.

There are many resources available to help you learn about consumers and their behaviors, attitudes, and opinions.

Image by ProjectManhattan, on Wikimedia Commons, CC0.

Consumer Behavior 

This site consists of two surveys that provide information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer characteristics. The survey data are collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Consumer Expenditure 

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Economic Information

  • Economy at a Glance

    Unemployment, Consumer Price Index, both national and state-level data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Overview of US Economy

    GDP by industry, GDP by State, Personal Income, International Investment and Trade, from the Bureau of Economic Analysis

  • Economic Research at the St. Louis Fed

    The FRED data service has numerous charts and datasets looking at various parts of the economy.