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Reacting to the Past: Texas: Remember the Alamo

The Site Today

The Alamo, a name often mistakenly applied just to the church, is actually a 4.2-acre complex that contains a mixture of historic and modern structures dating back to 1744.  These structures include:

- Church (or Shrine)

- Long Barrack

- Gift Shop (Central Museum)

- Alamo Hall


At the crossroads of Texas history for over 300 years, the Alamo must be preserved for future generations.  But these historic buildings in the midst of a bustling, modern city face constant threats to their survival. 

The preservation of the Alamo church and Long Barrack is a priority to ensure the story of the Alamo continues to be told. Conservation of the Alamo church and Long Barrack involves appropriate consolidation and cleaning treatments, detailed photographic documentation, written documentation, microscopic analysis and injections of hydraulic mortars where blind voids exist.

Structural preservation efforts under way at the Alamo church seek not to restore the building to how it looked during a certain time period, but to preserve the structure as it is today and reduce threats from erosion or deterioration. Repairs must be carried out when needed to prevent deterioration and to keep the building stable and preserved.

Fun Projects

Build a Scale Model of the Alamo

The needed details and dimension are in the provided pdf.

Here are the instructions and needed materials: the-alamo-school-project.