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Reacting to the Past: London: Sanitation and Waste Management

A resource guides for students engaged in the game London 1854: Cesspits, Cholera and Conflict over the Broad Street Pump

Water Reclamation Close to Home

Almost two hundred years later, cities like Kerrville have made great advances in water sanitation. (Image by the City of Kerrville)

Dirty Old London

In his book, author Lee Jackson explains just how poor health and safety in old London really were. This resulted in many disease and sanitation issues, including the Cholera outbreak of 1854. (Image by NPR)

A Look Inside a Water Reclamation Facility


"The concept of waste management involves the collection, removal, processing, and disposal of materials considered waste. Waste materials can be solid, gaseous, liquid, or even hazardous and are generally generated through human activity. Historically, developed nations have dealt with their waste by sending it to landfills or burning it in incinerators. Both of these options come with some significant environmental problems."

The Worth of Water

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United States Global Outreach

The United States government understands the importance of clean drinking water to developing nations and renders aid to many of them.

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Better Toilets, Better Life

Books on Sanitation, Waste Management, and Clean Water