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Reacting to the Past: Marlowe and Shakespeare: The Stage: Old London

The Rose Theater

While the Rose Theater acts as a major location in Stages of Power, the building's relevance doesn't end there. To this day, actors perform on the Rose's stage just like they did in the times of Shakespeare and Marlowe. (Image by The Rose Playhouse)

The Coat of Arms

Within the greater nation of England, the city of London maintains its own historic coat of arms. This crest features the cross of St. George, and many believe the crimson sword represents the blade that killed St. Paul. (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

A Look at Shakespeare's London


The City of London is the oldest continuous municipal democracy in the world. It predates Parliament. Its constitution is rooted in the ancient rights and privileges enjoyed by citizens before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The City of London developed a unique form of government which led to the system of parliamentary government at local and national level.

-City of London 

All That Life Can Afford

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Long before the London we know today came into being, the Romans invaded Britain and founded its predecessor: Londinium. Even at the time of its inception, the city was intricate and included government buildings, shops, and elaborate public baths. Currently, pieces of the ancient city still survive among the busy city streets. (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

Windsor Castle

While Buckingham Palace might be the current seat of the British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth spent her days in Windsor Castle. Currently, Windsor is the largest occupied castle in the world. (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

The Globe Theater Today

Books on London

Marlowe's Legacy

In addition to the host of plays Christopher Marlowe left behind, his work is celebrated in other ways. The Marlowe Theatre bears the playwright's name and hosts a variety of shows every year. (Image by the Marlowe Theatre)