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How to Showcase an Exhibit at Logan Library: Home

How to Showcase an Exhibit at Logan Library

About Showcase Exhibits

  • The purpose of the showcase exhibits is to offer a responsive and flexible venue to draw meaningful and timely connections between library resources and affiliated university programs, research, and initiatives.

What is a Showcase Exhibit?

  • Showcases are glass display cases located in Logan Library. These cases are available to be scheduled each semester.

What size are the cases?

  • There are two flat cases roughly 60 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 7.5 inches high.
  • There are two upright cases in the Scarle-Philips room foyer. They measure 41 inches wide x 20 inches deep by 51 inches high.
  • There are two upright cases in the Grand Hall. They measure 40 inches wide x 12 inches deep by 60 inches high.

Who can curate a Showcase?

  • Showcases are an excellent opportunity for librarians, teaching faculty, and affiliated library partners.

How much does it cost to do a Showcase?

  • These spaces are free for library and non-library partners.

How do I propose a Showcase Exhibit?

What is the time commitment and planning window for developing a Showcase?

  • If you wish to do an exhibit, you must schedule at least a semester in advance but no greater than a year. This allows the libraries to plan but also to be responsive to the current needs of the university community.

How much time should I budget for creating my exhibit?

  • We recommend that you plan for 2-3 months of time to develop your exhibition from start to finish (depending on how much you do at one time). Even small exhibits require at least a month of planning time to develop an idea, to build an object list, and to create didactic text. Additionally, you need to build in time to coordinate with any others working on your exhibit and for working with exhibit staff to create attractive design. The design component should be allotted an additional month at least.

I’ve never done an exhibit before. What support can I expect?

  • While it is up to you to develop your content, exhibition staff is here to support you. We can help act as a sounding board for ideas, consider how many objects are appropriate for your display, and install those displays within the case. For information on creating a quick case exhibit, guidance on design, and guidance on labeling check out the Design Guide.

What is provided?

  • The case, item display supports, picture rails, label printing/matting.

What is not provided?

  • The Exhibits Team does not support marketing, assessment, or documentation of these exhibits although you are welcome to provide your own in consultation with the Exhibits Team.

What Technology can I include with my exhibits?

  • The Exhibits program cannot provide technology for these cases. However, we are happy to discuss installing technology that you provide.

What can I put in a Showcase?

  • Books, three dimensional objects, photos, and limited text. While the cases lock, we recommend that you do not put high-value items in these cases.

Can I request a specific case?

  • Yes, however we reserve the right to move you to a different location in the event that this would benefit the overall schedule.

What happens if I am not able to go forward with my exhibit?

  • You are responsible for notifying the Exhibits Team as soon as possible (or at least 6 weeks prior to your exhibit). Please contact a member of the team at