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Featured Exhibit: The Art of Campus Artchitecture

The Art of Architecture on Campus

This exhibit takes a closer look at the beauty of our campus architecture and the history of how Schreiner University was built. See more images of our campus through the years in The Portal to Texas History. The Logan Library Archives maintains extensive image collections related to the history of Schreiner, the images here of the Weir Administration Building are from our Mary Jane Sunkel Collection. Mrs. Sunkel's father was the architect responsible for many buildings in Kerrville including Weir, Dickey Hall, and the original VA Hospital building. Other views of campus in this exhibit were taken from the archives historical photographs collections, with architectural drawings provided from our university records. 

Aerial View of Campus c.1956

Aerial View of Campus circa 1956

Adams & Adams Architectural Drawing

Architectural Drawing Adams

CCAC Cornerstone Ceremony with Dr. Biggers

CCAC Cornerstone Ceremony

Construction at Trull Math and Science Building c. 2002

Construction of Trull Math and Science Building

Weir Construction c.1926

Construction of Weir Administration Building

Weir Construction c.1926

Weir Building Construction

Weir Construction c.1926

Weir Construction

Weir Conerstone c.1928

Weir Cornerstone Placed

Schreiner Campus c.2000