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The Schreiner University Theses


Theses submitted in 2003 and later are listed in the library catalog.

All theses are stored in a closed area. Please ask library staff for assistance.

Major Year Student Title
Art 1996 Clark, Megan D. Through the Eyes of Generation X: An Accelerated Look at Past, Present, & Future Landscapes
Art 1992 Delavega, Pamela Art Curriculum Guide for Grades One Through Ten
Biochemistry 2002  Black, Mary L. Analysis of Chemical Cues in a Freshwater Turtle, Trachemys scripta
Biochemistry 1994 Munk, Tracy ABO Bloodtyping Subsequent to the Application of Luminol
Biochemistry 1994 Wagoner, Darby Stepwise Oxidation of Citronellol to Pulegone Using Microscale Techniques, The
Biology 2003 Conner, Michelle Comparison of clutch size and offspring size in the common mosquitofish (gambusia affinis)
Biology 2003 Green, Natalie Analyses of Guadalupe River Samples
Biology 2002 Sink, Jennifer Seasonal Reproduction in Notropis Amabilis
Biology 2001 Johnson, Zack Offspring Size Variation in Relation to Environment in the Common Mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis)
Biology 2001 Wolf, Roylin Responses to Chemical Cues in a Freshwater Turtle, Trachemys Scripta
Biology 1999 Peterson, Brian Offspring Size Variation in Relation to Clutch Size in the Common Mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis)
Biology 1999 Smith, Kyle A. Seasonal Pattern of Reproduction in a Central Texas Population of the Texas Shiner
Biology 1997 Jarussi, Adriana Status if Introduced Populations of the Sailfin Molly, Poecilia Latipinna, in the Upper Guadalupe River
Biology 1994 Athey, James W., Jr. Status of Introduced Populations of Poecilia Latipinna in the Upper Guadalupe River
Biology 1994 Hutchins, Lincoln C. Lichens and Air Pollution in South Central Texas
Biology 1993 Griffin, Stacy Lee Behavioral Aspects of the Odocoileus Virginianus at the Kerr Wildlife Management Area in Kerr County, Texas, The
Biology 1993 McGarith, Patricia Characterization of Bacterial Flora Associated with Fresh and Frozen Vegetables
Biology 1993 Rydberg, Jay Comparative Allozyme Study of Cyprinella Lepida from the Sabinal and Nueces Rivers in the Edwards Plateau Region of Texas: Including a Comparison with Cyprinella Lutrensis from the Guadalupe River, A
Biology 1993 Sanz, Maia Larios Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in Quinlan Creek as a Reflection of Water Quality, The
Biology 1992 Legget, Richard H. Reproductive Season of Notropis Amabilis, The
Biology 1992 Redden, Julie M. Genetic Variation Among the Edwards Plateau Populations of Campostoma Anomalum
Biology 1991 Moore, Renee Elaine Vertical Distribution of Chlorophyll A in the Periphyton Communities of Flat Rock and U.G.R.A. Lakes
Biology 1990 Morgan, Edwin Feeding Ecology of the Texas Shiner (Notropis Amabilis) in the Guadalupe River and its Tributaries
Biology 1990 Pullin, Clayton Comparison of Clutch Sizes in Two Natural Populations of the Mosquitofish, Gambusia Affinis, A
Biology 1988 Cawthon, Randy W. Analysis of a Hybrid Swarm Between Notropis Lutrensis and N. Venustus
Business Administration 2002 Thomas, Jennifer  Publishing and the Romance Genre
Business Administration 2000 Bailey, Todd M. Rosada, la
Business  1998 Powell, Jason Distinguishing Theory X Workers from Theory Y Workers: A Brief Questionnaire & Review of the Theories of Work Motivation
Business Administration 1997 Gossett, Blake Analysis of General Aviation with Special Reference to Small Airports
Business Administration 1997 Robertson, David Management and Production Styles in the Japanese Automotive Industry and Examination of the Transplantation Process
Business Administration 1996 Kolhouse, Ron Environmental Design & Energy Efficiency: Developments in the Housing Industry
Business Administration 1996 Mukai, Akiko Establishing a Jewelry Business
Business Administration 1996 Wilems, Chris Should the Federal Government More Closely Regulate Advertisements …Children
Business Administration 1995 Christie, Michael W. Mom and Pop Versus Wal Mart How Small Town America is Responding to the Corporate Giant
Business Administration 1995 Chen, I-Jen Toyota Automobile Company's Analysis
Business Administration 1995 Sakamoto, Namiko Patent: Intellectual Property
Business Administration 1994 Ramey, Mike Protection of Computer-Related Properties
Business/Art 1990 Pendle, Carl Video and Magazine Advertising for Schreiner College
Chemistry 2001 Metzger, Melissa Seasonal Variation of Guadalupe River Water as it Passes Through Kerrville, Texas
Chemistry 2000 Miller, Kiley P.H. Oxidation of Alkenes
Chemistry 1998 Ford, Amy Christine Differentiation of Bourbon Whiskies Using Gas Chromatography & Multivariate Analysis
Chemistry 1998 Taylor, April T.D. Determination of Cost Effectiveness of Sunscreens Using Ultraviolet-Visible Light Spectrophotometry
Education/English  2002 Peschel, Merydwen Year In Review, A
English 2003 Shupe, Abagail A Fractured Self: The Poisonwood Bible as Autobiographical of Barbara Kingsolver
English 2002  Auld, Elizabeth A. Daddy's Little Girl: Father/Daughter Relationships in Shakespeare
English 2002  Carroll-Hinton, Jamie  Women's Voices Across Time:  An Examination Of Feminist Literature
English 2002 Laxson, Chad W.  Life and Times of Schreiner University, The
English 2002 Seal, James  Wild Stock
English 2002 Sikes, Alicia  Dysfunction of Singers and Songwriters: An Examination of Alcoholism and its Causes, The 
English 2002 Tresohlava, Daria Grendel through the Bicameral Mind: Archeology and Neurology in Search of the Monsters of the Past
English 2002 Wallace, Gregory  Three Blind Mice
English 2001 Ahrens, Melanie Maraese
English 2001 Chavez, Phillip Homecoming
English 2001 Majors, Sherry Impossible Dream of Margery Kempe
English 2001 Mattson, Tammy New Genre: The Study of Modern Horror Fiction
English 2001 Mitchell, Lemuel Simple Master
English 2001 Stotz, Matthew E. Convenience Store Chronicles
English 2001 Van Slycke, Jeffry Translation of the King James Bible: The Purpose, Principals, and Process of the Project
English 2000 Barry, Joseph Poe's Women: The Real and the Ideal
English 2000 Vasquez, Omar J. Mind the Gap
English 1999 Byrne, Isaac James Idiot's Guide to Kafka, The
English 1999 Cooper, Justin Cody
English 1999 Diffen, Mike Theme of Paralysis in James Joyce's Dubliners, The
English 1999 Kells, Jacob Hall Stepping In
English 1999 Lawrence, Lindsy The Path of the Hero: An Analysis of the Sacrificial Hero Archetype in Culture, Mythology, & Society
English 1999 Snoek, Samuel Stew Pit: A Novel?
English 1998 Burks, Dana C. Shattered Dreams
English 1998 McGlocklin, Sheri All the King's Men & Contemporary Critical Theory
English 1998 McSkimming, Mary Philomela's Sisters & His Run Lives On
English 1997 Stieren, Karen Great Books in Public Education, The
English 1995 Cameron, Stacey Madness and Its Effect on the Life, Work, and Death of Anne Sexton
English 1995 Hummel, Eileen Shelley's Frankenstein and Bronte's Jane Eyre: A Study of the Unconscious
English 1994 Caldwell Aesthetics of Free Verse, The
English 1994 Davis, Laurie L. Looking into "The Yellow Wallpaper"
English 1994 Garcia, Elda Development of the Chicano Novel, The
English 1994 Mitchell, Paula H. Discordant Notes in the Symphony of Puritanism: Reading Edward Taylor
English 1994 Snider, Wendy First Grade: A Case Study
English 1993 Bax, Brenda Carol Death & the Loss of Love as a Form of Death in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson
English 1993 English, Lawrence Language and Reality as Metaphor: Self-Representation in Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying"
English 1993 Kelley, Donna A. Of Love and Hate: Quentin Compson's Relationship with the South
English 1993 Kuykendall, Leanne Junior High and High School: There is a Big Difference
English 1993 Mansfield, Jeanene My Grandmother's Writings and Influence Leora Edith Buckner Edwards (1894-1989)
English 1993 Milam, Amy Unforgettable Journey into the Future: Through the Eyes of Tomorrow, The
English 1993 Schulenberg, Cathy Student Teaching Experience, A
English 1993 Smith, Craig A. Journal of an Internship at the Kerrville Daily Times
English 1992 Bearden, Kenneth Psychological Approach to Wuthering Heights, A
English 1992 Curto, Susanna Short Story as a Literary Form Including a Collection of Short Stories, The
English 1992 Dyer, Stephen Huckleberry Finn: Character, Motivation, and the Legacy of Parental Alcoholism
English 1992 Hamilton, Naomi Children's Literature and Illustration
English 1992 Ivy, Wade W. Jonathan Edwards and the Puritan Dilemma
English 1992 Lewis, Liquita Zora Neale Hurston: Harlem Renaissance, Aesthetics, and Their Eyes Were Watching God
English 1992 Smith, Constance Reflections of Self and Society (A Poetry Collection)
English 1991 Barrow, Elizabeth Stereotypical Southern Woman According to Tennessee Williams' Plays, The
English 1991 Cummings, Jason Grace Under Pressure: Existentialism in Hemingway's Writing
English 1991 Hill, Kathleen He Was a Little More Than a Voice: The Competition of Voices in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
English 1991 Mauze, Heather Fairy Tales: Origin, Form and Force
English 1990 Dunn, Lisa Writing Process in Secondary Education, The
English 1990 Hellums, James Psychological Abberations in Gothic Literature
English 1990 Jackson, David R. Updile's Social Comment in His Rabbit Trilogy
English 1990 Reeves, Janita "Infinite Variety" of Shakespeare's Women, The
English 1990 Rodriguez, Theresa Nathaniel Hawthorne: Three Psychological Themes
English 1990 Shearhart, Robert Adventures in Student Teaching English
English 1990 Wood, S. Mark Truth and History in William Faulkner's Absalom Absalom!
English/Exercise Science 1989 Etheridge, Rhonda Growth and Development of a Student Teacher, The
English 1989 Guerin, Mark Joseph Edger Allen Poe: Poet of Controversy and Beauty
English 1989 Devereaux, Lee Sophoclean and Seamilean Drama
English 1989 Lord, Murray Political, Social, and Religious Revolt in Romantic Literature, The
English 1989 Peterman, Kathleen Writing Made Painless: Creative Approaches to Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools
English 1988 Campbell, Kathryn In Pursuit of Billy Budd: Melville's Real Meaning
English 1988 Fisher, Terry Ann Flannery O'Connor: A Prophet Shouting Redemption and Grace
English 1988 Kay, Hunter Romantic Evolution in Poetry, The
English 1988 Nitishin, Lawrence History and Development of the Essay as Literary Genre, The
English 1988 Nordquist, Chris Study of the Interview Process, A
English 1988 Redden, Nikki Didactic Nature of Modern Science Fiction, The
English 1988 Rodriguez, Jan Dickinson View of Death, The
English 1987 Holt, Jeffrey Teaching English in Japan
English 1987 Mahula, Sandra J. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Secret Sin Theme
English 1987 Morris, John O. Saul Bellow's Affirmation of Humanity
English 1985 Chambers Arthur: A King for All Seasons
English 1984 Armstrong Poetry of Robert Browning: A Christian Testimony, The
English 1984 Hagen, Laura Pantheistic Wordsworth, The
English 1984 MacGregor Shakespeariana and the Shakespearian Heritage at Stratford-Upon-Avon
English Literature 1990 McCauley, Erin Quest for Salvation in Huckleberry Finn, The
English/Spanish 1991 Munoz, Sonia C. Socio-Economic Effects Upon Mex-Amer Reflected Through the Works of Tomas Rivera & Rolando Hinojosa, The
Exercise Science 2000 Briggs, Shannon L. North America: Fat or Fiction?
Exercise Science 1999 Sullivan, Michael S. Healing Power of Prayer & Meditation: A Mind/Body Connection?, The
Exercise Science 1998 Olafson, Tommy Black Boxer: His Story in American History, The
Exercise Science 1997 Comegys, Vaught Eating Disorders in Atheletes
Exercise Science 1997 Boles, Brett Mental Aspects of Sports: Methods to Train the Mind to Become Mentally Tougher in Tennis and Sport, The
Exercise Science 1997 Nichols, Annette Accute Knee Injuries and the Current Procedures for Rehabilitation
Exercise Science 1996 Luke, Janice L. Motivation in Sports and Exercise
Exercise Science 1996 Smith, Patricia A. Modifying the Physical Education Lesson Plan for Physically Impaired Individuals
Exercise Science 1995 Boren, Tara Gender Differences in Attitudes About Sports Among Schreiner College Atheletes
Exercise Science 1995 Lehmann, Dennis E., II Athletic Injuries: Types, Causes, Treatment and Prevention
Exercise Science 1994 Allred, Elaine M. Fad Diets in the Twentieth Century
Exercise Science 1994 Brewer, Celia Benefits of Exercise in the Workplace for Both Emplyees and Clients, The
Exercise Science 1994 Castillo, Jose J., III Baseball Bat of Today, The
Exercise Science 1994 Sykes, Shane Comparison of Physiological Performances in Collegiate Baseball Players, A
Exercise Science 1993 Dimery, Thirman Atheletes & AIDS
Exercise Science 1993 Edmunds, Tracy L. Women in Baseball
Exercise Science 1993 Hopkins, Steven Injuries Related to the Use of Artificial Surfaces in Sport
Exercise Science 1993 McGinnis, Shana Women's Gymnastics: The Coming of Age
Exercise Science 1993 Salazar, Mario Baseball Equipment
Exercise Science 1993 Thurmond, Brian Texas State Boy's Basketball Tournament
Exercise Science 1992 Allen, Daron E. Chronic and Acute Problems of the Knee Including the Structure of the Knee
Exercise Science 1992 Bowerman, Jennifer Adapted Physical Education and the Handicapped Child
Exercise Science 1992 Hultquist, Ryan K. Benefits of Athletic Programs for At-Risk Youths
Exercise Science 1992 Lackey, Julie A. Progression of Women in the Coaching Field, The
Exercise Science 1992 Mikulenka, Denise Basketball Then and Basketball Now
Exercise Science 1992 Prince, Todd S. Schreiner College Fitness Trail
Exercise Science 1992 Wilson, Tasha Lyn Analyzing Coaching Styles: Jr. High - College and Interviewing Coaches Jr. High - High School
Exercise Science 1991 Baldridge, Joe S. Successful Coaching -- Bobby Knight and John Wooten
Exercise Science 1991 Bockoven Acute Rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Exercise Science 1991 Navarro, David G. Beginning a Strength Training Program Through the Use of Weights
Exercise Science 1991 White, Richard Hans Martial Arts: A Physical Discipline with a Spiritual Dimension, The
Exercise Science 1990 Buerk, Clark W. Uses of Steroids in Athletics
Exercise Science 1990 Crain, Patrick Prevention and Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries
Exercise Science 1990 Edwards, Mark Veterans' Perspective on Coaching High School Football
Exercise Science 1990 Farber, David Allan Mental Approach of a College Student-Athlete, The
Exercise Science 1990 Farber, David Allan Sources of Stress on the Major College Basketball Player and Some Specific Coping Strategies for Reducing It, The
Exercise Science 1990 Garcia, Paul History of Baseball, The
Exercise Science 1990 Moralez, Roger Physical Conditioning for Tennis
Exercise Science 1990 Rhoden, Kelly Alan Ergogenic Aids in Athletes
Exercise Science 1990 Straube, Carl Investigation of Current Diet Programs and an Explination of Basic Nutritional and Exercise Physiological Facts, An
Exercise Science 1990 Tyner, Tamara Coronary Heart Disease
Exercise Science 1989 Cardenas, Joey Fall Baseball Program: Coaches, Policies, Practices, and Treatments
Exercise Science 1989 Castillo, Ronny Psychology of Sports
Exercise Science 1989 Duennenberg, Allen Carbohydrate: The Main Energy Source
Exercise Science 1989 Etheridge, Bruce Evolution of the Black Athlete, The
Exercise Science 1989 Flores, Belinda Ann Fundamentals of Volleyball, The
Exercise Science 1989 Gamble, Stephanie Black Participation in Sports
Exercise Science 1989 McIlyar, Kelly Etiology, Symptoms and Treatment of Scoliosis, The
Exercise Science 1989 Powell, Samuel History of Tennis in the United States
Exercise Science 1989 Sandoval, Chris Z. Athlete and Drugs (Anabolic Steroids and Cocaine), The
Exercise Science 1989 Villagomez Academic Approach of Physical Education Applied to Baseball, An
Exercise Science/History 1988 Avant, William Ray Student Teaching Journal: Miles High School
Exercise Science 1988 Bann, Erin Review of Atherosclerosis Emphasizing Primate Regression Studies and Cholesterol as a Primary Facilitating Agent, A
Exercise Science 1988 Brown, Jacquetta Motivational Aspects of Sports Psychology, The
Exercise Science 1988 O'Neill, Suzanne Ladies of the Court! A History of Women's Basketball
Exercise Science 1988 Turner, Lori Ergogenic Aids in Sport: What They are and What They Do
Exercise Science 1987 Hibler, Lisa Lynne Effects of Exercise on the Menstrual Cycle, The
Exercise Science 1987 Perez, Sophie Knee: Anatomy, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation, The
Exercise Science 1987 The', Jennifer Nutritional Conditioning for Athletic Competition Including, if any, the Special Needs of Female Athletes
General Studies 2003 Chavez, Mandy Reflective Teaching Journal
General Studies 2003 Clark, Kerry A learning Experience
General Studies 2003 Day, Ona Beth First Hand Experience in the Learning Process The Ephphany of Learning in the Education Boot Capm " In the Trenches
General Studies 2003 Kelly, Heather A Different View
General Studies 2003 Kohl, Samanthe Elementary Education Journal
General Studies 2003 Newlin, Catherine My Beginning
General Studies 2003 Otey-Lewis, Kirstin Student Teaching: A Private Look at Realistic Education
General Studies 2003 Solis, Shannon Adventures of Student Teaching
General Studies 2002 Adcox, Colleen Solving the Equation for Becoming a Teacher That Makes a Difference
General Studies 2002 Alsbury, Shauna Marie Sandidge   Recollections Of My Reflections As A Student Teacher
General Studies 2002 Armendariz, Daniel Anthony Reflective Journal, A
General Studies 2002 Cloeter, Sarah G.  Psychological Effects of Terrorism on a Democratic Society, The
General Studies 2002 Cosgrove, Marjorie A. Sum of Education: Adding up to an Educational Philosophy, The
General Studies 2002 Gonzales, Teresa J.  Dose Of Reality: The Experiences Of A Student Teacher, A
General Studies 2002 Hyden, Holly Student Teaching: A Personal Encounter with Authentic Learning
General Studies 2002 McComack, Martha Ten Weeks in the Field
General Studies 2002 Potucek, Jenell In Learning You Will Teach & In Teaching You Will Learn
General Studies 2002 Warlow, Vicky R. New Beginnings: Self-Examination and the First Year Teacher
General Studies 2001 Ashley, Neita New Eyes
General Studies 2001 Bockhoff, Deborah Jumping into Education: My Elementary Experience
General Studies 2001 Hamill, Amanda My Student Teaching Experience
General Studies 2001 Kyle, Frances Adventures in Education: Reflections on the Student Teaching Experience
General Studies 2000 Canion, Cassandra My Life as a Student Teacher
General Studies 2000 Hinojosa, Raquel Teaching Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
General Studies 2000 Higuchi, Marcus Meeting the Needs of the Classroom
General Studies 2000 Hyatt, Patrice Teaching Journal, A
General Studies 2000 Rode, Kelli Let the Adventure Begin
General Studies 2000 Slade, Lindsay Journal of a Student Teacher, The
General  Studies 2000 Swanson, Kristin L. Reflective Journal, A
General Studies 1999 Armes, Kara My Student Teaching Experience
General Studies 1999 Bordlemay, Cathy My Student Teaching Experience
General Studies 1999 Cano, Gloria My Experience as a Student Teacher
General Studies 1999 Neitzel, Laura Few Simple Rules, A
General Studies 1999 Warren, Bettye Growth & Development of a Student Teacher, The
General Studies 1998 Hyatt, Billy Blue Illegal Immigration: The Failure of U.S. Policy
General Studies 1998 Ramos, Susanna Student Teaching Experience, A
General Studies 1998 Rios, Monica Student Teaching Experience, A
General Studies 1997 Skeels, Lori Kay It's the Little Things that Make Student Teaching Such a Big Deal
General Studies 1997 Wallace, Janice Journey of a Fourth Grade Student Teacher, A
General Studies 1996 Lemley, Donna Lessons Learned in First Grade
General Studies 1996 Morgan, Cammie The A,B,C's and 1,2,3's of Student Teaching:  A  Journal
General Studies 1996 Marek, Christy Twelve Week Journey, A
General Studies 1995 Garrett, Denise C. Journal -- The Serendipitous Experiences of a Student Teacher
General Studies 1995 Gleason, Nancy Journal -- The Discoveries of a Student Teacher
General Studies 1995 Guthrie, Pamela G. Journal -- Reflections of a Student Teacher
General Studies 1995 Peter, Pamela Journal -- Little Children and Crayons
General Studies 1995 Trevino, Lori Journal -- The Student Teacher and the Supervising Teacher: Harmony or Discord?
General Studies 1995 Walker, Peggy S. Journal -- My Student Teaching Experiences
General Studies 1995 West, Weldon Journal -- The Growth and Development of a Student Teacher: Student Teaching Experiences in the Elementary Classroom
General Studies 1994 Ball, Jeanette Reflections of a Student Teacher
General Studies 1994 Duncan, Carol Journal of a Student Teacher, The
General Studies 1994 Mackaron, Darby Joy of Learning: Student Teaching Experiences in the Elementary Classroom, The
General Studies 1994 Patton, Susan My Student Teaching Experiences
General Studies 1993 Blanchard, Karen L. My Student Teaching Experience: The Rollercoaster Ride
General Studies 1993 Mercer, Stephen Student Teaching: "Welcome to the Real World"
General Studies 1993 Redden, Gina New Beginning, A
General Studies 1993 Remschel, Alex Experiences in Student Teaching
General Studies 1993 Uecker, John G. Growth Experience of a Student-Teacher, The
General Studies 1993 Uecker, Joan My Student Teaching Experience
General Studies 1993 Williams, Lonny R. Educational Experience: My Endeavors as a Student Teacher, An
General Studies 1992 Burger, Sandra L. Journal of Thoughts & Experiences at Peterson Middle School, A
General Studies 1992 Shaver, Melissa Journal of Thoughts and Experiences at Ingram Tom Moore High School, A
General Studies 1991 Andis, Kristen Paige Case Study of Motivation in the Workplace, A
General Studies 1991 Loveless, Tori A. Equal Pay and the Working Mother -- The Antimony of Business
General Studies 1991 Martinez, Nelda My Experiences in Student Teaching
General Studies/Pre-Law 1991 Murphy, Steve Separation of Church and State in Public Schools and the Existence of a Civil Religion
General Studies/Business Administration 1990 Korman, James Paradox of Involuntary Retirement, The
General Studies 1990 Valdez, Leandra Sue My Highlights and Tribulations of Student Teaching
General Studies 1989 Barnes, Andrea Journal: Physical Education and English
General Studies 1989 Bishop, John Leadership Qualities of Corporate Executives
General Studies 1989 Koman, Tim M. Account of a Student Teacher, An
General Studies 1989 Lusinger, Tammy Growth and Development of a Student Teacher, The
General Studies 1989 McAllister Experiences of a Student Teacher: Physical Education and Mathematics
General Studies 1989 Pearson, Lucy From Practice to Professionalism: A Journal of Educational Experiential Learning
General Studies 1988 Baulch, Sally A. Training for a Career: A Journal of Growth During the Professional Student Teaching Semester
General Studies 1987 Davis, Colleen R. Experiences of a Training Teacher, The
History 2003 Cloud, Rebecca The Journey of Presidential Succession
History 2003 Llanes. Maria The Declining Use of Spanish Among South Texas Mexican Americans
History 2002 Lundsford, Taylor M. America's Horse
History 2001 Feagins, Tom Moving Toward the Rio Grande: United States Expansionism, 1800-1848
History 1998 Stipnieks, Esteban Cold War on the Edge of Space: A Look at High Altitude Aircraft Development from 1956-1990, The
History 1997 Green, Shelton First Session of the Twentieth Alaska State Legislature in the Year 1997: A, The
History 1997 Hall, Grant A. Gillespie Co. Historical Soc. Internship: The Making of an Exhibit
History 1997 Wiliams, Mark J. Gillespie Co. Historical Soc. Experience at the Pioneer Museum, A
History 1996 Lemley, Joseph Lee Joseph Wheeler: A Confederate Star in the Shadows
History 1995 Hudson, Heather Art as Image and Idea: The Legacy of the WPA
History 1995 Naber, Laura Marie Rise of Subjectivism as a Critique of the Industrialist State: Nietzske, Dostoevsky, and Munch, The 
History 1994 Andrews, Tracy Study of the Effects of Apartheid on Namibian Society, A
History 1994 Darden, Shuan E. Urban Outcry: A Retrospective Look at the 1965 Watts Riot and the 1992 L.A. Riot, The
History 1993 Crenshaw, Jack W. Prelude to Wounded Knee 1973
History 1993 Hays, Kathryn Long Road Home
History 1992 Bohnert, Diane Civil War: A Lesson on the Need for Medical Improvements, The
History 1992 Lopez, Manda Nolan's Lost Expedition: A Case at Fort Concho
History 1992 Michon, Jolynn History of Helena, Texas, The
History 1992 Thomas, Zachary Korea: A Study in "Limited" War
History 1991 Caughlin, Scott D. Kiowa, Comanche, and Anglo Relations in Texas, 1836-1875
History 1991 Dobbs, Weinheimer Recollections of the Kerrville Telephone Company
History 1991 Higgins, Matthew Alternative Religions
History 1990 Coyle, Robert Critical Analysis and the Historian's Craft: Barbara W. Tuchman as a Case Study
History 1990 Foshee, Page Dan Moran: An Exemplary Model of Constructively Assertive Leadership
History 1990 Ortez, Vicki C. Origins of the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Stockyards Historical District: A Symbol of Texas' Past, The
History/English 1990 Valdez, Eugene W. Literary Influences on the American Revolution
History 1989 Massey, Jasper Allied Intervention in North Russia, 1918-1920
History 1988 McKee, Kerry Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Philosophy of Nonviolence During the Civil Rights Movement
History 1987 Garza, David Vaquero Mejicano, el
History 1987 Hall, Margaret F. Tent Came to (sic) Small, The
History 1987 Junkin, Thomas History of Schreiner College, A
History 1987 Kennicott, Robert Robert Kennicott: Pioneer Naturalist and Explorer
History 1985 Williams, Shandra Evolution of American Public School Curriculum with Emphasis on the Social Sciences of Texas Public Schools, The
Humanities 1998 Klein, Jeffrey L. Director's Journal of the Fourth Wall, The
Interdisciplinary Studies 1984 Ryan, Randa Physical Development of the Whole Person: A Proposed Evaluation of the Schreiner College Lifetime Fitness Program
Legal Studies 2003 Medina, N.A. Immigration Provisions in the Department of Homeland Security
Legal Studies 2002 Garza, Gabriella A.  Discrimination in the Legal System: Subordination of Women
Legal Studies 2002 Kirkpatrick, Amanda Donn  DisCrime and Punishment: The Role of Law Enforcement Officer Continuing Education in the Collection and Protection of Forensic Evidence
Legal Studies 2000 Hamilton, Patricia Argument on Gun Control, An
Legal Studies 2000 Murphy, Elizabeth Argument for a Stricter Interpretation of the Commerce Clause, An
Legal Studies 2000 Soria, Melinda Battered Women: Self-Defense or Murder?
Legal Studies 1997 Foster, Katy Bankruptcy
Legal Studies 1997 Harper, Chantelle Proof Beyond a "Reasonable Doubt"
Legal Studies 1995 Price, Gaylene History and Application of the Insanity Defense, The
Legal Studies 1994 Grell, Deborah Legal Crisis of In Vitro Fertilization, The
Management/Marketing 1997 Janca, Joseph J. CEO Pay: The Growing Corporate Disease
Mathematics 2003 Campbell, Chris Mathematics and Music Explored
Mathematics 2003 Rosenthal, Michelle A Reflection of My Personal Growth into a Professional Educator
Mathematics 2002 Conner, Geneva F. Alas!
Mathematics 2001 McCrae, Sarah Mathematics and the TAAS Test
Mathematics 1999 Sanders, Janet Golden Mean, The
Mathematics 1998 Bulteel, Patrick Mathematics & Cryptography
Mathematics 1998 Patterson, Todd Conic Sections
Mathematics 1997 Montgomery, Mary Valuable Strategies for Effective Teaching
Mathematics 1996 Teng, Kai Fundamental Ideas of Calculus
Mathematics 1995 Barefield, Eric W. Complex Variable Theory and the Laplace Transform
Mathematics 1995 Canales, Rene Ruiz Number Theory: How to Make Everyday Mathematics Easy
Mathematics 1993 Lopez, Kelli S. Rubik's Cube and Group, The
Mathematics/Exercise Science 1992 Fryar, Kristi L. Lessons Learned: An Experience in Student Teaching
Mathematics 1991 Baulch, Amy Helen Hyperbolic Functions vs. Circular Functions
Mathematics 1991 Garcia, Patricia Mathematical Basis of Arms Race Modelling, The
Mathematics 1991 Gaydos, Christina Effect of Literacy Rate, Infant Mortality Rate, Population Density, Birth Rate, and Death Rate on Population Growth, The
Mathematics/Exercise Science 1991 Paterson, John Daily Experience of Student Teaching in 1991, A
Mathematics 1991 Siebold, Meleah M. Dyscalculia - A Teacher's Guide
Mathematics 1991 Wehmeyer, Jerri Writing to Teach Mathematics: A Means to an End
Mathematics 1991 Welsch, Laura Lynn Conic Sections and Their Applications
Mathematics 1991 White, Michelle Relationships Between Mathematics and the Arts
Mathematics 1991 Yencharis, Jerry Correlation and Regression Between Rainfall, Temperature, and Mold Count
Mathematics 1990 Baulch, Joel D. Enquiry for a Current Issue Within the National Football League Using Statistical Inferences to Infer a Conclusion, An
Mathematics 1990 Robertson, Clay Logarithms: Their History and Applications
Mathematics 1989 Armeau, Blair Rene' Analysis of the Solving of Systems of Simultaneous Equations, An
Mathematics 1989 Griffin, Grant Statistical Analysis of the World Series, A
Mathematics 1988 Abissai, Dzul G. Fundamental Operations from Mayan Mathematics
Mathematics 1988 Fields, Joseph Mathematic Modeling of an Airplane Flying and Landing, The
Mathematics 1988 Higginbotham Linear Programming by the Geometric and Simplex Method
Mathematics/History 1988 Sullivan, Marcus S. Student Teaching Journal: Peterson Middle School
Mathematics 1987 Galloway, Debra Problem with Word Problems, The
Mathematics 1987 Gilson, Kathie Use of Matrices in Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations, The
Mathematics 1986 Carillo, Josue Numerical Integration by Equally Spaced Points
Philosophy 1999 Morris, Grace Argument for Capital Punishment, An
Philosophy 1997 Gilbert, Brandon Machiavellian Aspects of the American Political Environment
Philosophy 1994 Conner, Roby D. Inquiry into the Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre, An
Philosophy 1994 Ott, Lori Ethical Problems with Two Little Words
Philosophy 1990 Jackson, Kester G. Extra-Linguistic Reality: Powers of Imagination and Intuitive Understanding
Philosophy 1988 Larimer, Lynda Surrendering of Self in Society in Martin Buber's Dialogue of Existentialism
Philosophy 1985 Pereira, Helio Existential Atheism as a Critique of Hope and Alienation
Physical Education 1992 Megahan, Steven M. History of Anabolic Steroids, The
Physical Education 1992 Smith, Patty Effective Coaching Styles
Physical Education 1992 Stein, Deesa Effects of Vegetarianism on Athletic Performance, The
Pre-Law 2001 Kornegay, Kevin Intent vs. Effects of Federal Regulations
Pre-Law 1985 Henry, Jeff Bystander Recovery for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress: A Legal Time Bomb?
Psychology 2002 Cowen, Tammy L. Illiteracy and Mental Illness: Comparing the Claimed Education Level of Mentally Ill Patients to their Assessed Literacy Level
Psychology 1998 Petty, Mary Lou Psychological Consequences of Downsizing
Psychology 1993 Armstrong Sexual Addiction: A Societal Affliction
Psychology 1993 Flowers, Texas Child Abuse as a Key Element in Three Dissociative Disorders
Psychology 1993 Fox, Catherine S. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults
Psychology 1993 Hutzler, Nell Early Planning for a Successful Retirement
Psychology 1993 Ortiz, Lucy Psychology of Jury Selection, The
Psychology 1993 Reavis, Evelyn Extreme Abuse as a Cause of Multiple Personality Disorder
Psychology 1993 Stein, Nancy M. Early Childhood Memories and Current Personality Functioning
Psychology 1992 Burns, Carol Panic Attacks / Characteristics and Treatments
Psychology 1992 Jones, Carol Elderly Abuse
Psychology 1992 Lopez, Janda Aleese Value of Artistic Expression as Therapy for Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents, The
Psychology 1992 McRae, Elizabeth Physically Abused Children and Art Therapy
Psychology 1992 Milligan, Robert AIDS: Psychological and Chemical Treatments
Psychology 1992 Scribner, Michele Functions of Family and Friendship Relationships and Their Mutual Interdependence, The
Psychology 1991 Abel, Erin K. Dying to Lose Weight
Psychology 1991 Beard, Barbara Codependency: An Overused Term
Psychology 1991 Griffith, Shannan Labeling as it Affects Perceptions of the Learning Disabled College Student
Psychology 1991 Kilgore, Sandra Theories of Juvenile Delinquency and Problems Within the Juvenile Justice System
Psychology 1990 Bizer, A. Maxine Six Main Addictions, The
Psychology 1990 Cain, John Edward Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
Psychology 1990 Curl, Patricia Diane Effects of Pornography on Behavior, The
Psychology/Business 1990 Gaitin, Roy Organizational Challenges for Hispanics
Psychology 1990 Lange, Beverly June Behavior Modification of the Hyperactivity Component of Attention Deficit Disorder
Psychology 1990 Watson, Dawnica A. Treatments of Alcoholism
Psychology 1990 Zimmerman, Jan Eating Disorders and Their Treatments
Psychology 1989 Uecker, Claudia Child Abuse: Differentiating Sexual Abuse from Physical Abuse in Children
Psychology 1989 Ewing, Christopher Multi-Perspective Approach to Crime, A
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