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University Photos Collection

The following items are currently held in Special Collections at Logan Library. To access these materials, please contact Sara Schmidt, the Special Collections/Reference Librarian. Currently access is restricted to appointments only.

University Photo Collection

Folder Groups 1-10

Group 1: Baseball, 1920s-30s; Basketball, 1960s
Group 2: Basketball, 1970s-80s; Football, 1920s, 30s, and 60s
Group 3: Soccer, 1960s-80s; Tennis, 1960s-90s; Track, 1920s - 60s
Group 4: Volleyball; Cheerleaders; Basketball, 1980s
Group 5: Women's Basketball; Volleyball
Group 6: Graduating Classes, 1960s, 80s, and 90s
Group 7: Vocational Nursing, Misc. photos, 1980s
Group 8: Individual cadet photos, 1920s-40s
Group 9:1960s: Cadet photos, drills, parades, Recall
Group 10: Misc. photos, 1960s; Schreiner Sunday School Classes, 1928-35; Military photos, 1940s-60s

Folder Groups 11-20

Group 11: Administration and Staff, 1950s-70s
Group 12: Faculty and Staff, 1960s, 80s, and dates unknown
Group 13: Board of Trustees, 1950s-80s; Hill Country College Fund; Campus Seminars; Schreiner Former Students Association
Group 14: Hill Country College Fund; Campus Seminars; Schreiner Former Students Association
Group 15: Student Activities: Classroom scenes, 1960s-70s; Dances; Elections
Group 16: 1963-64: Student Activities: Clubs; Dances; Registration; Dorms; Flu Shots
Group 17: 1964-65 Student Activities: Clubs; Dorms; Advertising
Group 18: 1964-65 Student Activities: Clubs; Games; Registration; Dances
Group 19: 1966-67, 70s Student Activities: Clubs; Classroom Scenes; Dorms
Group 20: 1970s-80s Misc. Photos

Folder Groups 21-30

Group 21: Drama, 1960s-80s; Chorus; Ballet
Group 22: Westminster Encampment
Group 23: Buildings: A.C. Schreiner; Dickey; Gus Schreiner Student Center; Dietert; Cocke Entrance Gate; Alumni House
Group 24: Buildings: Guy Griggs; Hoon; Infirmary; L.A. Schreiner Hall; Rex Kelly Pavilion; Tom Murray; Wier
Group 25: Aerial photographs; Campus Housing; Main Entrace
Group 26: 1962-63, 1965-66 Cadet Photos
Group 27: 1965-67, 69 Student photos
Group 28: 1970s-80s Candid Shots
Group 29: Student Activities: Dances, Cafeteria, Band, Swimming pool; clubs
Group 30: Student Activities, 1960s-70s: Clubs; Dances; Favorites Contest

Folder Groups 31-40

Group 31: Student Activities: Honor Societies; Snow Scenes (1967); Swimming Pool; Rodeo Club
Group 32: Recall Yearbook: 1969-72 Class and Military pictures
Group 33: Recall Yearbook: 1969-72
Group 34: Recall Yearbook: 1970-73 Individual pictures
Group 35: Student Activities (various years); Faculty and Staff; Military; Athletics; Graduation photos, 1990-93
Group 36: Student Activities; Athletics; Schreiner College Plane; Foolfest; Spring Break 1986; Dances
Group 37: 1990s: Basketball, 1990; Various Events; Misc. Photos
Group 38: Schreiner Former Students Association, 1974; Schreiner Ministers; Buildings under Construction
Group 39: Logan Library: Expansion; Construction; Photos of Dr. William M. Logan
Group 40: Logan Library Expansion, 1983-86

Folder Groups 40-48

Group 41: Logan Library: Expansion; Friends of the Library; Faculty and Staff
Group 42: Logan Library: Events; Promotional Material
Group 43: Recall (Event): 1970s-90s
Group 44: Majors Day 1990s; Orientation, 1994-96; Peer Counselors, 1989-95; Misc. Photos
Group 45: Student Activities, Misc. photos, 1990s; Classroom Scenes; Outdoor Scenes
Group 46:
Group 47: Dr. Andrew Edington and family; Dr. Sam Junkin pictures; Dr. J. Thompson Biggers
Group 48: Schreiner Family