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The J. Frank Dobie Collection

Vertical Box 3

The following items are currently held in Special Collections at Logan Library. To access these materials, please contact Sara Schmidt, the Special Collections/Reference Librarian. Currently access is restricted to appointments only.

Vertical Box 3 Contents

95 Newspaper and 18 catalogs
96 Newspaper cut outs, catalog and Handouts about program and book
97 Copy of He Called Me Puddin
98 Publication from Southwestern University
99 Publication of the Auction of Texana
100 Keepsake card
101 8 catalogs, Newspaper clipping and one publication on Writing
102 Unopened tape of The Ghost Bull of the Mavericks and a gift offering
103 6 catalogs and 4 newspaper clippings
104 Letters, catalogs and *1photo
105 *Photo, newspaper cutouts, letter, postcards, Biography and pamphlets
106 7 catalogs
107 13 Catalogs
108 6 catalogs and a copy of The Rotarian
109 1 catalog of Fine and Rare books
110 Newspaper cutouts and catalogs
111 Catalog and Newspaper cut outs
112 Catalog
113 Newspapers, handouts and A copy of A Place Set Apart
114 1 catalog and a copy of Texas Highways
Unmarked Copy of Texas Times
--- Bio of Dobie, Obituary of Dobie Relative, Newspaper Clippings, The Wit and Wisdom of Dobie, Catalogs, A copy of Texas Co Op Power, a tape of An informal hour with Dobie

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