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The J. Frank Dobie Collection Pamphlets

The following items are currently held in Special Collections at Logan Library. To access these materials, please contact Sara Schmidt, the Special Collections/Reference Librarian. Currently access is restricted to appointments only.

SERIES III: Pamphlets

Ab Blocker: Trail Boss. Reprinted from Arizona and the West 6.2 (1964) Univeristy of Arizona Press.

Babicora. Reprinted from The American Hereford Journal, 1 Jan. 1954. Kansas City, Mo.

Between the Comanche and the Rattlesnake. (drawings by Hal Story). Reprinted from Southwest Review 40.1 (1955) Dallas: SMU Press. Signed and inscribed to Herbert Arbuckle.

A Corner Forever Texas. In part from The Alcade, April 1938 by Ex-Students Associations of U.T. 5 copies

Divided We Stand. International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft and agricultural Implement Workers of American, UAW-CIO. Detroit: International Education Department, UAW- CIO, 1943?

Do Rattlesnakes Swallow Their Young? (Reprinted from Publications of the Texas Folklore Society, No. 21 (1946) Austin. (Newspaper clipping "Some rattlesnakes he has known" glued to inside front cover). Signed.

E. Douglas Branch, Singilarisimo. Reprinted from Southwest Review 47.2 (1962). Dallas: SMU Press.

Folklore of the Southwest: What is Being Done to Preserve It. (Reprinted from Chronicles of Oklahoma 2.3 (1924). (2 copies)

J. Frank Dobie on Libraries. University of Texas. Reprint. Humanities Research Center, 1970.

James Cox and His Cattle Industry. Reprint of Dobie's introduction to reprint of Cox's The Cattle Industry of Texas in publisher's flyer, 1960 (Antiquarian Press, Ltd.)

John A. Lomax. Reprinted from The Sunny Slopes of Long Age, Texas Folklore Society Publication no. 33 (1966) Dallas: SMU Press. (3 copies)

The Longhorns. Illustrations by Tom Lea.

Out of the Original Rock. (Reprinted from The 1962 Brand Book of Denver Posse of the Westerners (1963). (Includes the fold-out map of Southwest Texas) Signed and inscribed to Herbert Arbuckle.

Pitching Horses and Panthers. 1940. Texas Folklore Society, Austin. (Note typo on cover) Mustangs and cow horses.

Range Life: Cowboys, Cattle, and Sheep. Reprinted from Life and Literature of the Southwest. In The Range Country: Literature of the American Cattle Trade, catalogue no. 112. Beverely Hills, Calif.: International Bookfinders [1963]. Signed and inscribed to Herbert Arbuckle.

The Roadrunner in Fact and Folklore. Reprint, 1939 for Texas Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission from In the Shadow of History (1939, Texas Folklore Society, Austin).

Trans Pecos. El Paso del Norte: Carl Hertzog, 1955. Extract from A Vaquero of the Brush Country; #9 of the Southwest Broadsides.

The Writer and His Region. Reprinted from Southwest Review, Spring (1950) Dallas: University Press (SMU)