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The J. Frank Dobie Collection Art, Artifacts, and Photographs

The following items are currently held in Special Collections at Logan Library. To access these materials, please contact Sara Schmidt, the Special Collections Librarian. Currently access is restricted to appointments only.

SERIES I: Art, Artifacts, and Photographs


Box B&W or Color Description Size
1 B/W Sketch, side view of Dobie by Tom Lea, 14x18, Dec. 1969, signed by Lea for Herbert Arbuckle 14x18
1 B/W Caricature of Dobie - by B. Matheus Whitehead  ("I have come to value liberated minds and the supreme good of life on Earth")  
1 color "Fighting Bull" print signed by Tom Lea  
1 color "White Horse with Dark Clouds" print signed by Tom Lea  
1 color "Trail Herd" print signed by Tom Lea  
1 color "The Hills of Mexico" print signed by Tom Lea  
1 B/W Cartoon by J.R. Williams about Dobie  ( horse, cowboy, and two indians figures - photocopy from UT Archives)  
1 B/W Poster w/ photo of Dobie & Tracks on the Land Editorial (matted)   
1 N/A Vinyl Record:  Spoken Arts:  An Informal Hour w/ J. Frank Dobie.  Stories of the Southwest; directed by Arthur Luce Klein; New Rochelle, NY, 1963  
1 N/A Vinyl Record; Westminster Spoken Arts:  An Informal Hour w/ J. Frank Dobie.  Stories of the Southwest; directed by Arthur Luce Klein; New York, NY, 1956  
1 N/A Vinyl Record; J. Frank Dobie tells "The Ghost Bull of the Mavericks" and other Tales."  Recorded in Austin, Sept. 1960; signed by Dobie; taped along the edges; record in excellent shape  
2 color Framed "Canon de Chelly"  
3 color Photo of Alamo; "Remember the Alamo" text, written by J. Frank Dobie, on back; from "See Your West" Program  
4 color Masterson C1:  "The Well that Ushered in the Vast Panhandle Oil and Gas Field in 1919"  Painted by Ben Carleton Mead for Pioneer Natural Gas Co., 1965  
5 N/A Trail Log.  May 1, 1919  
5 N/A "Come Hungry, Come Thirsty" Documentary:  Sam Houston State University; Program, Mailer, and fan  
5 N/A Southwester Yearbooks:  1907 and 1908  
5 N/A Celebrity Cookbook, [1957-1958]  
6 B/W Photo of Bertha and Frank Dobie looking at a book 8x10
6 B/W Photo Tom Lea & J. Frank Dobie with longhorns  11x14
6 B/W Sketch of" The Prayer "by Ben Mead  ( drawing from life)   3/6/1978  
6 B/W Sketch of "Silent Night…west Texas style"  by Ben Mead  signed & dated 5/14/1979  
6 B/W Sketch of Dobie in later years  -  side profile, dated 1953 by Tom Lea  
6 B/W Photo of Dobie in  U.T. Coop, 3.5x5 in., 10/1960 3.5x5
6 color Photo - Arbuckle and Henry Faulk in library (5x7 in.) 5x7
6 color Photo of Arbuckle, Kincaid, & Gomez at El Chico 6/ 1983 (los tres caballeros) 5x7
6 color Photo of Jeff Dykes " The Old Buckaroo" 1900-1989 3x5
6 color Photo of George Smyer playing guitar with Dobie 6x9
6 color Photo (to Cynthia from Uncle Ben, 1978)  3x4
6 blk & yellow Patriarch of Palo Duro by Ben Carlton Mead   5/14/1979  
6 B/W The longhorns limit page for the Rawhide Edition( portrait of Dobie & Tom Lea (signed by Tem Lea)  1988  
6 B/W Dobie is his later years  Suit and tie; COPY  
6 N/A Mini-book:  Frontier Tales of the White Mustang.  1979.  Signed by unknown individual  
6 N/A Mini-book:  J. Frank Dobie:  Biography  by Valentine J. Polska. 1989, with slipcover.  
6 N/A Mini-book:  J. Frank Dobie:  Biography  by Valentine J. Polska. 1989.  
6 color Photos (4) in collage of Tom Lea (older) and with Sitting Bull drawing and painting of young woman  3x5
6 color Illustrations (4) from "On the Open Range;" signed by Mead, 5-14-1979  
6 N/A Mini-book:  The James Boys' Loot.  By J. Frank Dobie, 1990. (2 copies; one is a pamphlet style)  
7 N/A Black framed 5X7 sketched side picture of Dobie?  Signed by Tom Lea (in pencil)  
8 N/A J. Frank Dobie's straw hat  
9 N/A Ben Mead's Hat  
Display B/W Photo of Ralph W. Yarborough for H. Arbuckle (fellow Dobie collector; 5 June 1982 in Austin TX)  
Display blk & gold Sketch of" Church of St. Agnus" by Ben Mead signed 5/14/1979  
Display B/W Photo of Tom Lea,  Dobie, &  Frank Hertzog ( right to left) 8x10
Display B/W Photo of J. Frank Dobie Southwestern University 1910 (matted)  
Display B/W Photo of Dobie in his studio  by book shelf and wood stove w/ black shiny boots 8x10
Display N/A Cane  
Display N/A Bison statue (says decorated study of Dobie) (presented to Ben Mead)  
Display N/A Glass Bottle (maybe whiskey) says Hiram Walker and Sons Limited  
Display N/A Orange, clay, glass water jug with strings on either side, colored spiral in the middle  
Display N/A Buffalo skinned chair  
Display N/A Wooden gourd scoop  
Display N/A Wooden mixing spoon  
Display N/A Dobie Hat (not in box) - grey  
Display N/A Can of Edgeworth ready-rubbed pipe tobacco  
Display N/A Cowbell (hung at "Paisano" Dobie retreat)  
Display N/A Black cowboy boots  
Display N/A Pipe, in display box, with a bag of tobacco  
Display   Pipe   
Display   Pipe   
Display   Pipe