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Off the Shelf: Ancestral Roots

Ancestral Roots

Ancestral Roots

Who are your ancestors?

All over the world, spanning many decades, humans have felt the need to maintain connection to their roots, their family roots. One of the best ways to learn about your roots is by talking to the elders in your family. Once you have the names of some ancestors you can go to a local genealogical society and and find further assistance with searching records and images.

Captain Schreiner

Captain Schreiner

opened a general merchandise store in Kerrville in a small cypress-log cabin in 1869.  The success of the store allowed Captain Schreiner to think of the good of the community and in 1885 he donated the land for the community church that still stands today near campus.  Then in 1904, he donated land and funds to open the Westminster Encampment, a summer encampment for religious training.  Captain Schreiner saw the need for an educational opportunity for the boys and young men of the Hill Country and in 1914 gave a large tract of land and significant funding to open the “Charles Schreiner Institute for Boys.”  The outbreak of World War I interfered with the timing of the opening of the school which was delayed until 1923.   

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WM Logan

The Logan Library has an interesting twist.  Funding was largely provided by William Slater, but he requested that the building be named for the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville rather than for him.   Therefore, it is the William Logan Library rather than the William Slater Library.   

James Delaney

At the end of 1922, before the campus had even opened, the trustees hired James. J. Delaney as the first president of Schreiner Institute.  He served as president for 26 years.  In the early days, Schreiner Institute included four years of high school and two years of college.  All students were male and military training was required of all students.  It was expected that students would go on to finish their college training elsewhere and many of the Schreiner Institute graduates received their degrees from other colleges and went on to highly successful careers.   

Andrew Edington

Andrew (Andy) Edington was second President of Schreiner Institute, serving from 1950 to 1970.  He was well known for the Sunday School Class he taught and after retiring from the presidency, he wrote "The 'Word’ Made Fresh” converting traditional Bible accounts into language and images of the times to better convey the timeless truths.   

AC Schreiner

The A.C. Schreiner building was constructed in 1925 so it is among the earliest campus buildings.  A. C. Schreiner was the eldest son of Charles Schreiner and was President of the Board of Trustees from 1918 to 1935.   

WC Weir

The first permanent building on campus was the Administration Building.  The Dean of Education for over 20 years was W. C. Weir.  To honor Dean Weir’s years of faithful service, the building name was changed to Weir Hall in the 1960s. 

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