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Welcome to ScholarBots

Schreiner University's 3D Design & Printing Club

Schreiner ScholarBots


To teach, learn, share, and explore the elements of 3D design and the MakerBot 3D printer.

About ScholarBots

Students will gain understanding and hands-on experience with basic 3D modeling software and the MakerBot printer. Students will engage in discussions and collaborate on the design process, and various uses of the MakerBot printer.

Topics will range from technical instruction and workshops, to designing prints with purpose, to operating the machine. Students can participate in national and local design contests or themed workshops.

Students will share ideas and designs while offering feedback to one another in a welcoming environment. This group will help students with experience in design, communication, expression, and understanding.

ScholarBots is open to all currently enrolled Schreiner students from all academic areas of study.

For general information on 3D printing at Schreiner, or how to get started on your own please look at the following resources:

MakerBot and 3D Printing Resources at Schreiner University

Designing for Makerbot using SketchUp- Get Started Guide (where the 3D community shares designs)

ScholarBots' Sample Meeting TopicsMakerBot connected to Mac

For more information on 3D design and printing, using the Makerbot, or joining ScholarBots please contact Resident Student Maker Samantha Meyer.