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InterLibrary Loan Guide

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (aka ILL) is a 24/7 service for members of the Schreiner University community (faculty, staff and students in good standing). This service obtains for our patrons research materials not available at Logan Library. Books are borrowed from other libraries, and photocopies of non-circulating materials such as journal articles are acquired.

Material stored in other media, such as videotapes and audiotapes, etc. may also be available for borrowing, depending on the lending policies of the owning libraries.

The conditions for this service are set by local agreements, the regulations of the individual lending libraries, and the National Interlibrary Loan Code.


Who may use Interlibrary Loan?

Only current Schreiner University students, faculty, and staff are eligible for Interlibrary Loan services.

Community patrons can inquire with their local public library for this service.


How do I use Interlibrary Loan?

  • Online article request forms exist in many of the databases available at the Library.
    • For EBSCO databases, the link is found in the left menu when you are viewing the abstract of an article.
    • WorldCat's link is found at the bottom left corner of the detailed record screen.

  • Before filling out a request for a book, check the Library's catalog to ensure we don't already have it.

  • Before filling out a request for an article, check the Library's catalog for the journal title or use the Journal Finders page.

  • Please ask for assistance at the Reference Desk if you are uncertain how to proceed.

To use our request forms

How long does a requested item take to arrive? to top

The time taken for materials to arrive depends upon several factors, including:

  • how close the supplying library is to Schreiner University
  • whether or not the item is immediately available at that library, and
  • transit time (requested materials are usually sent by Library Rate mail.)
  • delays in delivery due to holidays, etc.
BOOKS may require 5 to 10 working days to arrive and must be returned

ARTICLES may require 3 to 7 working days to arrive and are yours to keep

Items are picked up and delivered to Logan Library on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays unless the library is closed for a holiday or an emergency.

Is there a charge for Interlibrary Loan items? to top

  • There is usually no charge for materials received through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Some libraries impose a processing fee for copies of journal articles however, you will be notified before any charges are accepted.
  • Faculty, staff and students are charged only when a supplier charges the library.
  • Rush delivery, when requested by the recipient, will be charged in full.


What is "Rush" Delivery? to top

  • While every effort is made to submit requests to likely suppliers within 24 hours of receipt, the Library and user must wait for the supplier's processing and delivery time.
  • For those who cannot wait the normal delivery time, ask at the Reference Desk about other options. For example: A library within driving distance may hold the needed material or articles may be obtained from commerical document suppliers who charge for their services.


Checkout Periods & Renewals to top

  • Each lending library determines its own checkout period; two to four weeks is the normal time allowed. The due date for each ILL item is written on the ILL cover strip.
  • Renewals may be requested if permitted by the lending library. This information is on the ILL cover strip.
  • Late fines are assessed by Loan Library for overdue Interlibrary Loan items.
  • Please help us maintain good relationships with other libraries by returning your Interlibrary Loan materials on time.


How do I know when and where to pick up ILL materials? to top

  • Articles: You will receive a call or an e-mail (as you requested) when your materials are ready for pickup. All available items are stored at the Library Circulation Desk until pickup.
  • Books: When your book arrives, you will receive an e-mail or phone call notifying you that it is available for pick-up at the Library circulation desk.
  • NOTE: You must bring your Schreiner ID card when picking up Interlibrary Loan materials.
  • Other libraries sometimes lend items with special conditions on the use of their materials such as "Library Use Only" and/or "No Copying."


Why are some requests filled in a few days, when others take longer? to top

There are several factors that influence how quickly you receive materials. If the item is located geographically nearby and is owned by a large number of libraries, it usually arrives quickly.

Each library has some items that cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan. When only a few libraries own the material you are requesting, the chance of your requested material being part of the library's non-circulating collection increases. These requests require more time to exhaust all the options.


Are there copyright limits for journal articles? to top

We comply with national copyright guidelines which limit our office to obtaining, for all borrowers combined, only 5 articles from each journal per year and one article per issue. After the fifth article (from the last five years) we pay a copyright fee to the publisher.

Some publishers charge more than $25.00 per article in copyright fees and some publishers don’t allow copying beyond the copyright guidelines limitations. Individuals who request multiple articles from one journal title may be assessed copyright fees.


Copyright Restrictions to top

  • According to the guidelines of the 1978 Copyright Law, a library may obtain from another library no more than five copies of any article or articles from a single journal published in the last five years.
  • The five copy limitation applies even if each copy is of a different article or from a different issue.
  • The same rule applies to materials from other media (books or non-print). 
  • Requests above that number are subject to publisher approval or payment of copyright fees.
  • Such fees are the responsibility of the borrower.


Responsibility for Lost Items to top

  • Fines and fees for lost books are the financial responsibility of the borrower and will be charged to the borrower's account if unpaid at the end of a semester.
  • The lending library sets the fees for lost items. Logan Library may assess additional charges.
  • Lost book charges may be handled through the Interlibrary Loan Assistant.


Document Delivery Services to top

  • Upon request, copes of articles available on microfiche at Logan Library may be printed for student, staff, or faculty use. For details, consult the Interlibrary Loan Assistant or call ext.320.
  • Ingenta is one online service that allow free searching for articles and then charges a fee for the delivery of copies of needed articles.
  • For ERIC documents, search the ERIC database on FirstSearch using the ED accession number, e.g. ED123456, to find document details and the holding libraries who may be willing to copy the documents for interlibrary loan purposes.
  • For  specialized documents such as dissertations, try UMI Dissertation Services. These services deliver materials for a fee in a variety of formats.  


Table of Contents/Alert Services to top

  • Online services such as the EBSCO databases or even a publication's web site may offer e-mail delivery of tables of contents or abstracts from the journals in their collection.
  • Some also offer free e-mail delivery of citations, abstracts and articles. 
  • For faculty members, the Library can provide upon request delivery of e-mail or printed tables of contents.
  • Contact Interlibrary Loan at (830) 792-7320 if you are interested in this service.