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How to Use Logan Library's Online Catalog

  1. Go to Logan Library’s Online Catalog
  2. Here you can find out if we hold something, like a book or journal, and how you can locate it in the library.

This is what the starting page looks like:

Logan Library's Online catalog

From here, you can choose to perform:

  1. A basic search (one text box only) or
  2. An advanced search (up to three text boxes) or
  3. A search for Course Reserves (those items your professor puts on reserve at the library for you).

Using Basic Search

This search allows you to use only one text box to fill in information for the search. Use this search if you already know the title or author’s name.

A few things to remember about ‘basic search’ search results:

  1. Author, Call Number, and Subject searches are browses, which means it starts with the term you entered, and you can browse entries found before and after that term.
  2. Terms entered for the title search must start with the actual beginning of the title.
  3. Keyword and Journal Title searches look for terms anywhere in the title or item record, rather than just beginning with the word you entered.

Using Advanced Search

This search provides multiple boxes in which to type search terms that need to be limited to certain areas, as when you have the author’s last name and a keyword.

Here is what the Advanced Search page looks like:

Advanced Search View

The drop-down menus for ‘Search in’ include limitations such as ‘keyword’, ‘author’, and ‘title.’

A few things to remember about ‘advanced search’ search results:

  1. Browse-able results will never be found via the ‘advanced search’
  2. DO NOT press “set limits” after entering info in the search boxes. This will erase everything you just did.
  3. Wait until you get your search results and use the “Post Limits” button or set the limits before entering your search terms.