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Athens- The Game

IDST 1101 Athens Resource Page

This web page is a collection of links pertaining to Ancient Greece and may help you develop your character or get more information on what it was really like to live in 403 B.C. in Athens.

The Athens Game

The Threshold of Democracy: Athens in 403 B.C. recreates the intellectual dynamics of one of the most formative periods in the human experience. After nearly three decades of war, Sparta crushed democratic Athens, destroyed its great walls and warships, occupied the city, and installed a brutal regime, "the Thirty Tyrants." The excesses of the tyrants resulted in civil war and, as the game begins, they have been expelled and the democracy restored. But doubts about democracy remain. expressed most ingeniously by Socrates and his young supporters.

Read more about the Threshold of Democracy: Athens in 403 B.C. from Barnard College.

This is a Hoplite

Ancient Greek Resources

Life in Athens 403 B.C.

Athenian Agora Excavations: Guide introduction to the hub of Athenian civic life, and has a building-by-building precis with illustrations, as well as a special section on Athenian democracy.

Ancient City of Athens and Metis (from Short entries with images, and at Metis 3-d virtual tours of many Athens areas and monuments (including the Agora and the Pnyx), with links to Perseus articles when available.

Games (Educational)

Ancient Lives (online game)

“Want to help transcribe ancient Greek texts from the comfort of your couch? Have no understanding of the Greek language? No problem. With the Egypt Exploration Society and Oxford University‚Äôs Ancient Lives project, you can contribute to the work of researchers who are digitizing the vast holdings of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, a mysterious pile of Greek papers discovered in an ancient dump outside Egypt. (excerpt above from ALA's Libraries Direct Newsletter Aug. 2011)

General Greek History

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Greece by Fordham University A massive Ancient Greek resource. A general overview of the life and times in Ancient Greece.

BBC's Ancient Greeks Basic info here, but done in a fun easy to follow method.


Image archive - This is an A-Z list of images featuring ancient Greek buildings, artifacts, and art.

Important Figures












Portions of the information above were found here and was compiled by John R. Lenz of Drew University.

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Ancient Greece Map Library from University of Colorado Boulder

Maps of Ancient Greece provided as background to the study of Plato and his dialogues.

Open Ancient Greece Databases

Perseus Primary sources here and also key-word searchable texts.

Diotima- Women and Gender in the Ancient world.

Search Strategies for Scholarly Articles in Academic Databases

The following terms are samples of what you would use to find articles about Ancient Greece in an academic database.

Democracy -- Greece -- Athens -- History To 1500

Sparta -- Athens -- War

Athens (Greece) -- History

Law -- Greek

Athens (Greece) -- Politics and government

Triremes -- Thicydides

Political participation -- Greece -- Athens -- History To 1500.

Socrates -- Trial -- Hemlock

A good place to start looking for information on Ancient Greece is in our JSTOR databases.

Try similar combinations of terms within our other Databases. A good place to start would be under General Databases and then go to the group called History, Politics, Government, Law (if you are off campus you may be prompted to log-in using your Schreiner ID).

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Terms and words of Ancient Greece

What is a trireme? Or what does a hoplite do? Head to the Oxford English Dictionary and get the right answers from an authoritative source.



Ancient Greece Videos

The Greeks Crucible of Civilization: The Revolution - PBS Empires

History Channel's Video Archive of Ancient Greece

Introduction to Ancient Greek History from Professor Donald Kagan at Yale

The History of Democracy by National Geographic Education

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