W. M. Logan Library
Schreiner University
Community Patron Application Form

Please Print Clearly

I.D. Number: (i.e., TX DL#) _____________________ D.O.B: __________________

Name: (Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.) ___________________________________________________

P.O. Box/Street: ______________________________ City: _____________________

County: ______________________________________ Zip Code: _______________

Home Phone: _______________________ Work Phone: _______________________

  1. I have received a copy of Logan Library’s Borrower Policies.
  2. I am a resident of one the following counties - Kerr, Bandera, Edwards, Gillespie, Kendall, Kimble or Real.
  3. I am aware that replacement costs of $60.00 per book will be charged for books that are four weeks overdue and for books not returned by the stated deadline when recalled for Schreiner University faculty or students.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _____________

For Underage Patrons

Name (please print): _______________________________________ D.O.B: ______________

Name of the school currently attended: ______________________________________________

A parent or guardian must accompany an underage person who wishes to complete a Logan Library community patron application form. The parent or guardian must sign below to signify that they are aware they are assuming financial responsibility for all of the materials to be checked out. Additionally, the parent or guardian must already be a patron of Logan Library or must complete an application form to accompany the underage person’s form.

Signature of responsible party: __________________________________________________

Printed name of responsible party: ________________________________________________

Patron ID of responsible party: _______________________

For Library Use Only

Address verified by a Photo ID & a Texas Drivers License – Library Staff Initials _________

Patron Record Created in Library System - Library Staff initials _______________